Product Information

Marvel Superama Toxin – San Diego Comic Con ExclusiveBorn from Carnage, Toxin is the 1000th symbiote in the lineage that started with Venom and is feared to be the strongest and most dangerous of their race! This detailed and sculpted Diorama features Toxin emerging from a desolate cityscape submerged in a sludge-filled aftermath with a gradient paint treatment that adds a cool and immersive touch to the scene. San Diego Comic Con exclusive and limited to 500 units. SUPERAMA, the ultimate Collect and Display item! A hybrid Super Hero/Diorama combination! These great renditions of your favorite Marvel characters are Infused with comic stylings and come with environments with a great diorama for full action ready play! Redesigned with a chibi aesthetic and smaller dioramas to give these figures a commanding presence. Superama™ is a truly original collect-and-display item – a hybrid Super Hero/Diorama portmanteau! Superama™ is jam packed with your favorite MARVEL characters; Spider-Man, Carnage, Venom, Groot, Black Panther and The Incredible Hulk! These mighty dioramas can’t be denied! Includes a great character design, crisp deco, a scene packing plenty of action, a dynamic background, and sculpted relief on the base! Also, packaged in a beautiful gift style window box! A must have for the Marvel enthusiast! . Superama - a hybrid Super Hero diorama mashup! Infusing comic styled environments with a fully posed character!• Packaged in a colorful display box.• PERFECT FOR DISPLAY: Full display specs are over 4” tall, great sculpt details, and crisp deco.• Backboard images are swapable/interchangeable for each diorama.• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from high-quality ABS and PVC.• An awesome dynamic dioramic display featuring your favorite Marvel characters with exclusive treatments, all limited edition!• Ages 8+• Limited to 500 pieces