Product Information

The Loyal Subjects launches BST AXN, a fan favorite 5” (1:16 scale) Action Figure mash-up including heroes, and villains representing a huge pop culture landscape including Anime, Music, TV, Cartoons, Nostalgia, Movie, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, and More! A major disruptor to the action figure genre, offering the best details, assortment, features, articulation, and quality at the best price. The Loyal Subjects has been making quality collectibles since 2009, and has sold over 6 million collectibles World Wide! About Katara: Katara is a beautiful young female “water-bender”, born and raised by her grandmother (Kanna) in the Southern Water Tribe.  Katara was the last of her tribe with water-bending abilities.  After a Fire Nation raid on her village, and the subsequent death of her mother, Katara and Sokka (her brother) set out on their own to which they encountered Aang, an Air-Bending nomad who had previously been encased in a sphere of ice for 100 years.  With help from Katara and Sokka, Aang tempered the Fire Nations destructive ambitions bringing peace and harmony back to the world. Product Description: 1:15th scale, 31 points of articulation; including a bicep swivel, double knee joint, double elbow joint, butterfly joints at the shoulder, ball joint at the ankle, upper thigh swivel, ball posts at the hips, waist swivel, an ab crunch, swivel and flex at the wrist, and a ball and post neck joint.  Multiple accessories – a water whip, two water spouts, 2 head portraits, and multiple interchangeable hand gestures.  Packaged in a unique collector’s box with a dioramic insert. Crisp paint, and clean sculpt details.  Maximum poseability.  Collectors’ Choice of Brands!