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      Superama™ is a truly original collect-and-display item – a hybrid Super Hero/Diorama portmanteau!  Introducing the FIRST “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Collect and Display MARVEL set! We set the action, YOU choose the story! How? By connecting the bases together using the unique Lego-esque holes & pegs, and by changing out the background environments at will! You can change Spidey’s NYC stoop to Thanos’ intergalactic empire! Have your favorite Marvel heroes team up, a hero and villain face off, tell an Avengers story or a native story; i.e. Gamora facing off with Thanos! The story controls are in your hands! BIG VALUE for a great MARVEL figure, comic environments, interlocking base system, and swappable backgrounds - A BIG Collect and Display item! A very Uniform presentation! All bases can link together in any sequence Swapable backgrounds - “Switch Spidey’s NYC stoop with Thanos’ intergalactic empire! Story controls are in your hands!" Item dimensions are 6.5” x 5.75” x 5.5” The first offering is starting off with a bang with Marvel Classic comic book favorites Iron Man™, Gamora™, Thanos™, Thor™, Spider-Man™, and The Incredible Hulk™. *This listing is for 1 unit of Thanos™ Superama Perhaps the most feared being in the cosmos, the mad titan Thanos is a nihilist of the highest order. His sole ambition is to return the universe to what he believes is its natural state – oblivion. Growing in power and infamy as he traverses the stars, Thanos regularly causes wanton destruction and leaves a devastating swath of chaos in his wake, often seeking out terrifying sources of cosmic power like the legendary Infinity Stones, in an effort to see all of existence tremble in his shadow.Powers & Abilities: Innate attributes such as strength, durability, and stamina surpass that of nearly any mortal being. Can absorb and project enormous quantities of cosmic energy, and manipulate matter on an atomic level. Genius in almost all known sciences, far exceeding the limits of human understanding. Often constructs and employs advanced devices, weapons, and vehicles. Master strategist and military leader.