Product Information

  About Turtles Midnight: From the shadows to your home come the craziest action figures ever. All your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters.  Poseable, collectible and available at stores nearby.  There’s the fab four:Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo. Their sidekick Casey Jones. The fearful for Shredder. And an assortment of fearsome flunkies.  Each figure is 5” high and equipped for adventure. 31 points of articulation! Swivel bicep and thigh joint. Double knee, shoulder and elbow joints. Ball joints for maximum poseability. Alternate heads, interchangeable hand gestures and multiple accessories for each figure. Inspired by the original comic book art, this set comes in a beautiful never before seen exclusive TLS shadow color treatment.  This limited edition set of which only 800 pieces were created. Packaged in a beautiful pizza box style packaging with garage door flap with Velcro closure and imagery that is loaded with easter eggs for the ultimate TMNT super fan.  Also includes exclusive beautifully designed signature TLS collectors card for each figure. Product description: 1:15th scale, 31 points of articulation; including a bicep swivel, double knee joint, double elbow joint, butterfly joints at the shoulder, ball joint at the ankle, upper thigh swivel, ball posts at the hips, waist swivel, an ab crunch, swivel and flex at the wrist, and a ball and post neck joint.  Includes Twin Katans for Leonardo, Twin Nunchaku for Michelangelo, Boa Staff for Donatello and finally a Twin Sai for Raphael. also includes interchangeable hand gestures.  Packaged in a unique collector’s box with a dioramic insert.  Crisp paint, and clean sculpt details.  Maximum poseability.  Collectors’ Choice of Brands! Multiple Hand and Head Gestures!  Recreate your favorite Beetlejuice moments and adventures! Signature Accessories plus a Hidden Sticker! 29 pts of Articulation!  Killer Poseability! Beautiful 3-sided Window Box! Great for the in-box, and out-of-box Collectors!