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      A modern Goth twist on the Pinocchio tale; Edward only wanted to have real hands, until his maker, "the Inventor", sadly passed away at the moment Edward was to receive his real hands, becoming a boy...complete. Edward learns to appreciate his unique gifts, and being "different" turns out to be his greatest attribute! The modern day township which unexpectedly fosters the orphaned Edward tries to make sense of Edward, either accepting his unique gifts or fearing Edward altogether, intimidated by his unique talents, and unique appearance. A feel good Holiday movie, and now Edward Scissorhands is available as an Action Vinyl! If luck is on your side you might receive a rare chase item randomly dispersed! Edward Scissorhands in his Suburbia outfit stands 3.2" tall, and boasts 19 pts of articulation! Packaged in a window box, including collector cards, and a T-Rex shaped hedge accessory!