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      2.5" tiny terror of a red panda; quaint, totally stressed out office worker by day, and a raging death metal karaoke beast by night! Retsuko transforms into Aggretsuko whilst in the karaoke booth, releasing all her angst, anger, and passion when she gets a hold of the mic and away from the stress and aggravation caused by her job, and demanding boss. The 2nd release from the elusive TLS 10 Year Anniversary limited edition collectibles, commemorating TLS' 10th year in existence! 2.5" Figurine with a radical and exotic joint armature, including articulation at the wrist so you can pose her "Horns Up!" She comes with a removable 2" base composed of flaming, burning, bleeding, and scorched skulls! Metal! Also included is a collector card. Packaged in a commemorative window box. 200 available.