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      First thing I remember is Apollo Creed’s arm being shot off by a laser beam flying from a tree. Next thing you know, Jesse “the body” Ventura is missing parts of his body. You see a trace of a fairly athletic tree beast fly from branch to branch, warping light so you can make out the slightest outline. Finally, Arnold gets this creature pissed enough to take the gloves off. The creature unmasks and challenges Arnold to some mano e mano style jungle rumble. The dude loses because he gets spiked by a booby trap, not before he nukes a good hectare with a cool Casio wrist watch showing off some cool Alien 8 bit graphics. Next thing you know we’re in the city, and a bunch of these tree beasts take on some cops, a tin suit wearing conspiracy theorist, and a witch doctor. The tin suit dude gets chopped in half, the witch doctor loses his head, and the cop walks off an Alien ship with a memento and the respect of a whole Alien Warrior cult. That about sums it up for the first half of this saga, which brings us to our debut Action Vinyls Predators collectibles! Just as bad-arse as the ones in the movie! Let the de-spining and de-skulling begin. Stacked with killer paint and sculpt details, killer articulation, killer accessories and these dudes are big! Almost 4” tall. A must have! This collector blister pack San Diego Comic Con exclusive features an LE 350 with commemorative SDCC 2018 packaging and an exclusive foot stamp, “SDCC STORE”! Under License from 20th Century Fox. Figure size: 3.75” Colorway: GID Accessories: Short Spear All cancelled orders are subject to collection on 50% of the total order value.