Product Information

About Marvel Superama Thor: God Mode (Black Light): Legend tells of the son of Odin, heir to the otherworldly throne of Asgard – he is Thor, the mightiest hero of mythology! Once banished to earth by his father Odin in order to learn a lesson in humility, the noble Thor has since vowed to protect the planet, using his enchanted hammer and mastery of the storm to anguish any foes that threaten his adopted home. This San Diego Comic Con exclusive has a UV glow treatment for black light activation to represent Thor harnessing the energy of the Odinforce! Packaged in a colorful display box. PERFECT FOR DISPLAY: Full display specs are over 4” tall, great sculpt details, and crisp deco. Backboard images are swapable/interchangeable for each diorama. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from high-quality ABS and PVC. An awesome dynamic dioramic display featuring your favorite Marvel characters with exclusive treatments, all limited edition! Ages 8+