Product Information

  Straight out of the animated adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes a BST AXN San Diego Diamond Exclusive 5-inch figure 2-Pack of Bebop and Rocksteady! Mutant Foot Clan henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady are ready to rumble in this outrageous NES colorway! An homage to key moments in the legendary fan favorite video game, these guys are running out of lives and are about to be gone in a FLASH.  With 31 points of articulation including butterfly joints at the shoulder, bicep swivel, upper thigh swivel, and great rotating ball joints for maximum posing, this set includes multiple accessories and comes packaged in a unique 3-sided window box! Great for the in-box and out-of-box fans and collectors! This San Diego Comic Con exclusive was created for Diamond Comics and is limited to 3300 pieces.  Also includes exclusive beautifully designed signature TLS collectors card for each figure.   Product description: 1:15th scale, 31 points of articulation; including a bicep swivel, double knee joint, double elbow joint, butterfly joints at the shoulder, ball joint at the ankle, upper thigh swivel, ball posts at the hips, waist swivel, an ab crunch, swivel and flex at the wrist, and a ball and post neck joint.  Includes; multiple accessories – alternate human heads, power drill, double bladed knife, trash can cover, rifle and machete also includes interchangeable hand gestures.  Packaged in a unique collector’s box with a dioramic insert.  Crisp paint, and clean sculpt details.  Maximum poseability.  Collectors’ Choice of Brands!