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      1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you….sleep tight, don’t let the nightmares bite! JC has lived on the actual Elm Street for 24 years. He’s an actual neighbor of Freddy Kreuger, so it’s about time he asked the neighborhood bros to come out and play with us all! Too bad, it’s not that cool dude Jim up the street who plays bass and skateboards, it’s Freddy Kreuger who rips teens apart while they dream! Killer sculpt details, killer articulation, killer paint details – the feel good nightmare of 2018! This collector blister pack San Diego Comic Con exclusive features an LE 350 with commemorative SDCC 2018 packaging and an exclusive foot stamp, “SDCC STORE”! Under License from Warner Bros. Figure Size: 3.2” Colorway: Glow-in-theDark Accessories: Saw All cancelled orders are subject to collection on 50% of the total order value.