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      Predators at Walgreens!

      Predators at Walgreens!

      Seems fitting Predator would be found in Walgreens.  Almost lifted from the script;

      “Alien invader hits Main Street USA with terror filled night.  First, the Alien tore through the town’s Walgreens, centered in the main square before making his escape out the Pharmacy's back wall, and into the surrounding forest.  The town is still shook, panicked with fear, unanswered questions, and with the nagging uncertainty, “Will it come back?”  The community is asking, “Is Walgreens still open?”  The local Walgreens manager replied, “Yes, please excuse the mess and construction, you can still purchase the wide variety of Walgreens products, including TLS collectibles.” For this, the community chanted wildly, “For he’s a jolly good fellow!” until reminded there is a murderous Alien terror still lurking in their woods.”

      The alien murderous terror, aptly named, the Predator, is of the half pint variety, not the 9’ beast we’ve come to love in movies past.  However, this 3.75” terror represents his/her/its tribe well – complete with a highly technical range of armor, and weaponry, all designed to survive the newly visited planet’s biosphere, and efficiently bag it’s prey to take home for the wall mounts and trophy cases.  Unfortunately, the beast, or beasts will meet with Officer Lt. Mike Harrigan – a cop out of choices, out of patience, and with nothing to lose, willing to take one of these beasts with him to an earthly grave.   The Predator has met his human match, even if death by it’s own sword, or scythe, or blade, or whatever you call that razor-thin flying bow tie.  There are 13 Predators to launch on unsuspecting suburbs, city streets, fashion malls, sparsely populated wooded areas, and Walgreens stores!  There are only a handful of humans to combat these otherworldly beings, looking for a pound of flesh, and the ornament of a skull to match.  Tell your favorite Predator story; be it King Willie, and his magic hoodoo voodoo, Lt. Harrigan and his “nothing to lose” mucho gusto, Leona Cantrell and her street wise, tough as nails Los Angelenos cop grit, and know-how/get-down, or the alien hunter, Peter Keyes, with his “I’ve been chopped in half” hidden function; give him a twist at the waist, and see what color his innards take when exposed to the elements…there are four heroes you can choose to fight off 13 Predators!  Three Predators cloaked with invisibility, only visible when their armored suit’s cloaking mechanism malfunctions, or the beasts are caught in an infrared gaze.  Infrared, a sure way to detect these sleuthing salient serpents!  You too will have the power to detect these croaking, clicking, clucking cloakies, since you’ll see them in the bright and clear, like window dressing, inside a beautifully designed window box, and if you come across one of these clandestine cloaked alien villains, boy, are you in luck, you just uncorked a Club 28! 

      Besides the deadly beauties cloaked with invisibility, be prepared to take on a range of City Hunters, Warriors, Guardians, Elders, bloodied, battled, embattled, and ticked off, ready to hide a human, and wear the newly flayed skin as a sarong for the long ride home, back to the planet from whence they came!

      This series is detail rich; killer sculpts, killer accessories, Easter Eggs (including a blunderbuss from hunts past), killer colors, killer character cards, Club 28’s, and a whole range of rare chase figures.  Get on to getting’ on, all the way to Walgreens to pick up one of the best Action Vinyls series yet!  All production numbers are limited.

      City Hunter Predator

      Battle Damage Predator

      Guardian Predator

      Lt. Mike Harrigan


      Warrior Predator

      Leona Cantrell

      Aggretsuko TLS 10 Year!

      Aggretsuko TLS 10 Year!


      Truth be told, I played drums in a metal band, called Lightning Swords of Death, in fact, was its founding member.   The same band wore “corpse paint”, the bat winged, Kiss/King Diamond/Alice Cooper-like black face paint rubbed over the eyes in fingerling patterns.  True to metal we joined the urban cowboy with a mixture of denim and leather, studs in the collar, and patches sewn into the back of the denim, usually sleeveless, jackets.  We played with a Sabbath like sludge, unlike the intricate double kick patterns, and machine gun rattling-off 16th notes fired in relentless patterns across fret boards, and drum heads usually associated with Death Metal bands.  Persons in the band had avatars; the singer went by “Autarch”, the guitarist “Roskva”, I was plainly Jonathan.  We did our best to wield spells, tell tales, and test ear drums with turned down tuning, washing cymbals, and carnivorous carnival barking which was a blend of helium pitched screams and cries towards the heavens, and low, guttural growls, mish moshing words and sacred phrases blended through the throat chords of a demon bear.

      We played shows with Cattle Decapitation, and a host of other metal bands, the band eventually signed to Metal Blade records.   “Autarch” (who had been a friend since I was 19, also a roommate for a few of my younger years) would draw these cryptic logos, in the Death Metal style; a mix of graffiti like encryption, Gallic decorative opulence, and horror like erosive gutters and streams which, if skilled in such logo-craft, would spell out the name of the band in a, “Oh, I can see it now.” moment of realization.   Not much different from staring at the paintings in the mall, where you’d have to cross your eyes, and after a half hour or so a “Pirate Ship” would appear.   Eventually, I pulled the accelerator back into hyper drive, put the drums up on the racks, and started a Collectibles Company.  10 years later, here we are, releasing A Death Metal Red Panda.  The catalyst of pushing my idea for a collectibles Co forward in part on the heels of my departure from Lightning Swords of Death – can the universe be any weirder?  Or more intuitive?   Not only is this particular series in parallels to my own life experience; a creative director for a start up with a horrible boss, and a metal drummer by night blasting ear drums with fist pounding frustrations brought on by the day’s activities at the office…Aggretsuko oddly squares its way into the 10 Year Anniversary products, and we exist for 10 years because my disinterest in pursuing my metal drumming career!  This is like when future Bill and Ted met past Bill and Ted, “Whooooa!”  “Don't forget to say “hi” to the princesses!” 

      Needless to say, this might be my favorite TLS 10 Year Anniversary offering for all the listed reasons; life imitating art, and vice versa.  Certainly a personal one, might be why we painstakingly combed through ever detail to tell the story with sincerity.  This little red panda packs a punch – not only is she heroically throwing up horns, she’s doing it while standing on a mound of burnt, smoldering, and flaming skulls, simmering in a pool of blood.  I think my friends from LSOD would be proud.  The "Flaming Skull Base" tooling exists ONLY for the 10 Year Anniversary product.  Aggretsuko boasts 13 points of articulation, a true mechanical wonder for this mighty mite!  She also comes in a commemorative “TLS 10 Year” window box, with a collector card!  Certainly an Action Vinyl for the ages.

      We’ve fixed some of the web glitches, we’re doing our best to keep shipping affordable, and we are prepared to start shipping once orders are received.  *Hint – if you purchase two, shipping is a better cost, if you purchase three, it’s a killer deal.  DETAILS:  Available for purchase on www.theloyalsubjects.com tomorrow, Friday the 20th at Noon PDT.  Happy hunting!  Limit THREE per purchase.

      Next up – T-Shirts!  Next Wednesday we’ll have some killer TLS styles available to the public; TLS 10 Year Anniversary Logo TeeStay Loyal Logo Tee, and the TLS Army Color Camo Logo Tee!  Keep your eyes peeled next Wednesday, and rep TLS loud and proud!



      Lightning Swords of Death


      Lightning Swords of Death

      TLS Teams up with hobbyDB!

      TLS Teams up with hobbyDB!

      The Loyal Subjects, and hobbyDB team up!  Offering customers access to the TLS archives in the form of a unique database/marketplace that allows collectors and fans the ability to archive items, show off collections, buy, sell, and trade in a trusted space.

      Visit https://www.hobbydb.com/marketplaces/theloyalsubjects/catalog_items - once arrived, a header with several options will direct the fan and collector to their needs: Database, Marketplace, Help, Sell  - click a menu item from the top bar, and immerse into 10 years of TLS heaven. 


      The Loyal Subjects was conceived in West Hollywood, in a living room of a run down 1929 Hollywood Bungalow (the kind the Doors canonized in the song LA Woman), in one of the original Chaplin developments just west of La Brea Blvd.  The first product was a creative collaboration with Upper Playground, the famed San Francisco street wear Co who was celebrating their 10th Year in business, and to celebrate they tapped TLS to license, manufacture and collaborate with a stable of artists associated with the UP Brand.  The intent, to create unique products with emblematic calls to UP’s famed Walrus Icon, as an acknowledgment to the Brand’s 10 years existence.  The first TLS collectible was called the “Walrus Rider”, designed by Bay Area artist Alex Pardee.  TLS was born (with the first of many releases), and our fist order of business was to meet the good folks at Upper Playground at their HQ in the Upper Height neighborhood of San Francisco, and have a release party and signing with Alex Pardee.  So we did.   Rapper Aesop Rock showed, and bought a Walrus Rider.  The first of many, what a journey it’s been since.

      Eventually the Brand moved from the tiny living room in West Hollywood to an office space on Melrose, once occupied by Agenda, the street wear and action sports tradeshow organization.  From there, TLS added to what would become a fairly expansive product list; Manufacturing quality collectibles based on 2D designs from artists Sam Flores, Gary Baseman, Buff Monster, Joe Ledbetter, Friends With You – each release met with love and acceptance, the Brand, still in it's infancy, was starting to get noticed. 

      Eventually, the Brand outgrew the space on Melrose, and moved to Atwater Village, occupying an office, whose former occupants, the Beastie Boys’ operated Grand Royal Records, and recorded every album from Paul’s Boutique on in recording studios adjacent to the office.  The Producer/DJ Diplo (Major Lazer) had taken over the studio portion, TLS had occupied Mike D’s old office space, and Han Cholo was on the bottom floor, adjacent to the TLS warehouse, a 400 sq ft room, no windows but it suited us fine for shipping orders, and storing inventory.   From this space Action Vinyls was born, our proprietary form; a unique mixture of aesthetic and function.  Our first licensed products were G.I. Joe.  Then came Transformers.  Then came updates to the form; elongating limbs, adding multiple articulations, and work shopping the form into a better collectible.  The Product list continued to grow with multiple series featuring Transformers, and additions to the Action Vinyls cannon with the inclusion of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. 

      At a certain point we outgrew Atwater, and we moved our offices to Downtown Los Angeles.  A true LA story, along the way we seem to have occupied spaces inhabited by some fairly significant businesses, and famous talent.   Hopefully, some of that magic mojo would rub off on TLS.  This time we took over what was Justin Beiber’s recording studio, and dance rehearsal space.  We knocked out the control booth, took down the noise filters hanging from the ceiling, knocked out a wall, and set up shop.  This is the space we’re in now, however, we've expanded the space by knocking out another adjoining wall and taking over the space that was next door.  Since we've been here the Company has grown exponentially, selling millions of products, with shelf space at the world’s largest retailers.  TLS has released over 40 lines, with up to 4 variations in each Wave, has followed up with multiple waves, and has released hundreds of SDCC exclusives…all totaling up to nearly 2,000 unique skus.   It's been quite a trip from the Walrus Rider to NOW.  10 years later, we’re in a full stride, pounding the TLS message one Action Vinyl at a time.

      When contacted by hobbyDB with the quest to build an archive, compiling every product TLS has released in the last 10 years, I literally froze, “It’ll take me a full year to accurately build and compile this list”, especially with the current workload on our plate.  Fear not, the TLS faithful have dutifully been archiving the history of TLS, perhaps more acutely, and responsively than the mother ship.  We have archives for everything TLS related but putting time aside to go one by one was indeed a daunting proposition.  It became clear that the TLS Army had already chronicled the TLS product lineage, in detail.  We decided to move forward with hobbyDB.  A bunch of Brands are jumping on the hobbyDB train, which is a great thing, a great opportunity for fans, onlookers, casual buyers, and completionists to search and satisfy their curiosity, and quests.  

      We’re at a new point along the timeline.  Let's see what the next 10 years brings, and how many more skus end up in the archives!  With 51 licenses, and large character offerings ranging from music, anime, super hero, nostalgia, video game, and horror…skies the limit!

      Don't forget to visit www.theloyalsubjects.com for exclusive product offerings, and www.theloyalsubjects.com/blog for news and updates relating to all things TLS!

      PS.  Last Easter egg; the house, which spawned TLS, was also the bass player’s house for a band Brian Bell, guitar player of Weezer, had a side band with. The bass player was his former ex girlfriend, and at the time my roommate.  Brian frequently showed up, often times storing his gear in the hallway.  Hollywood is a trip.

      TLS x Los Angeles Comic Con!

      TLS x Los Angeles Comic Con!

      New York?  LA?  New York?  LA?  Back and forth like Taipei vs Hong Kong in a ping pong tournament.  Pros for New York – it’s one of the greatest cities on earth, with a great fan base, some of the greatest restaurants, it’s Fall when the leaves are changing, Central Park strolls, great hangs, meet ups, costumes, a ton of passion, a couple of my favorite restaurants, some good haunts, and some old friends to see.  Pros for Los Angeles – it’s literally blocks from our office, we can roll out the full statement, we have a 20’ x 20’ space, we can create a fully curated TLS store, TLS team members get to sleep in their own beds, we support the home town show, and without the hassle of planes, trains, and automobiles.  I love New York, almost with the same cadence and guttural Frank Sinatra bellows.  I love LA, in the same nasally nonchalant prejudice, and ease Randy Newman howls.  LA is home turf, and the fact TLS HQ is mere blocks away from the Los Angeles Convention Center, it’s hard to say “no”.  Los Angeles Comic Con, formerly Stan Lee’s Comikaze is growing substantially; more vendors, Hot Topic has a big statement, tons of crazy cosplayers, and the warm up for all the great Halloween activities following suit two weeks later.  Ever been to the West Hollywood Halloween Parade?  You’ve never seen anything like it – 2 miles of the best cosplayers on earth, so, hoping/anticipating some of the showoffs from the Weho parade come marching through the halls at LA Comic Con!  

      I’m excited we’re participating with the hometown show.  DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) is home to some of the best restaurants, the best bars, the best rooftops, and swank digs in all of Los Angeles, it's the place to be!  From TLS HQ, to the Arts District, there’s something for everyone.  I couldn't think of a better place to grow a Convention in this great, crazy, and unique city.  Across the street from where our beloved Lakers, and Clippers play, down the street from where our Division Champs Dodgers pepper the bleachers with homeruns, walking distance to where Jared Goff hits Cooper Kupp in the endzone for 6, and the USC Trojans blare the mighty fight song with Tommy Trojan at the helm.  If that’s not enough, you’re within a mile from the world’s best museums, venues, and galleries; MOCA, the Contemporary, Broad, Mark Taper, Hauser and Wirth, Ahmanson, Dorothy Chandler, Grammy museum, Nokia (I’ve seen Tool and Rush here), and the Japanese Heritage Museum.  All this within a mile from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

      The NYCC Night King has switched coasts; he’s mutinied, and moonshining as the LACC Night King.  Still with the same foot stamp, but he’s available at our Booth, limited supplies available each day so make sure you swing by to grab one. 

      Question, why the NYCC footstamp?  TLS is still a fairly lean, staffed Company, we need to make bets on shows we can give our best and meet our fans per their expectation.  We had every intention of participating with NYCC but as the two shows came into view it was decided we could only commit to one of the two shows if we were going to give it our best.  We have to make the exclusives in with the main batches, so when GOT was manufactured in January we also had to take the risk to manufacture the translucent Black Night King with a NYCC foot stamp at the same time.  When the show opportunities evolved and came into a more focused scope?  C’est la vie.  So, that being said come celebrate with TLS in the sun, with a margarita in hand, and enjoy all this city has to offer!

      Also available, a small qty of the TLS 10 year Aggretsuko, not available on the website any more.  The TLS 10 Year Night King and Viserion 2-pack will also be available at the booth!  My Hero Academia Edition One packouts will be available, along with Predators, Hot Wheels, Ghostbuster (sneak peek) Action Vinyls (small qtys available), t-shirts, stickers, and other swag; Aggretsuko masks, TLS crowns, TLS lanyards!  Masks and Crowns are free, just roll through, the only criteria?  You have to wear them!

      Our booth is stocked, our happy staff is ready to help, let's have fun and party LA style!  See you at LA Comic Con, we’re booth 717, can’t miss us!  Los Angeles Comic Con ticket purchasing information can be found here https://www.comicconla.com/?cm_sp=Homepage-_-Banner3-_-LACC .  Show dates are Oct 11th-Oct 13th!

      Where the sun always shines, and the sunsets are like paintings.

      PS  Speaking of seeing Tool, I hope you Tool fans get tickets, they should be coming to a town near you.  Here's a shot of myself and Danny Carey hanging out in Mexico, and Justin Chancellor showing me that his watch still works.  

      Night King


      Danny Carey


      Justin Chancellor

      My Hero Academia Box Lunch Exclusive!

      My Hero Academia Box Lunch Exclusive!

      My Hero Academia, for those that don't know it is one of the best Anime, and Manga of its time.  Centered in a world which folks have super powers, surreptitiously a young boy named Izuku Midoriya, affectionately better known as “Deku” is born without super powers but finds a mentor in one of the most recognizable, and famous super hero contemporaries, “All Might”.  All Might shares his “quirk” with Deku, and launches the young boy into a prestigious school where he learns how to develop his newly acquired, and shared “quirk”.   Deku, his friends, and classmates develop and hone their quirks, attend class like any ordinary student, and are eventually dragged into an existential crisis, a plot to destroy all heroes from a league of Villains, ones with dangerous powers.  

      If you like X-Men, you’ll love My Hero Academia.  Steeped in the same comic genus, with iconic, relatable, and endearing characters, and villains of the treacherous sort…dangerous, deadly, and larger than life caricatures, and still identifiable; weighed down with hubris, and compassioned with perverse pathos.  Sounds much like Xavier and Magneto, and the students, cronies, and henchmen who follow in suit to battle for supremacy amongst competing ideologies, and clashing worldviews. 

      All super heroes have suits, what would a super hero be without their suit!  MHA, or “HeroAca” is no different.  Heroes adorned with mighty stretch suits, eye-popping accessories, and enhancements, like grenade arms, or reptilian treads, or super calves for locomotive like speeds!  MHA is packed with super hero conventions, but unique, clever, refreshing, and renewed; all the great super hero mechanics, and devices that encourage you to participate, to stay tuned, to invest your fanhood for stories, and characters that are meaningful, and reaffirm the spirit of the super hero genre we all love.  If you haven't given it a watch, please do, and the details, love, care, and effort we infixed the MHA Action Vinyls with will come into picture, clear, and appreciated.  We toiled 10 plus months to bring this line to market; securing every detail, making sure MHA would be head of the pack, state of the art for the Action Vinyl pantheon, the hall of heroes and villains out of the nearly 2000 character stable we’ve procured in the last 10 years.  There is no doubt MHA stands a top of the hill as some of the best of the best in the AV stable.  All characters are adorned with crisp and detailed paint, killer sculpt features, and of course, great articulation so collectors can tell their favorite MHA story, or make up a new AV story with your favorite AV character relatives. 

      Available NOW in ALL Box Lunch stores, an exclusive packout which includes exclusive deco treatments, and one of the meanest, baddest, deadliest of all villains, STAIN; a character exclusive ONLY to Box Lunch.  Included are rare chase figures 1/24 (Shoto Todoroki Metallic), 1/48 (Katsuki Bakugo GID), 1/96 (Deku “stoked” GID) , and a Club 28 (Stain Metallic)!   The Box Lunch exclusive is very limited in qtys, get them while they last!  One of the best Action Vinyls series to date!

      Coming Soon – Hot Topic MHA exclusive with exclusive character “All Might True Form”, plus exclusive paint treatments, and rare chase figures.  Game Stop MHA exclusive character “Endeavor”, also included are exclusive paint treatments, rare chase figures, and a Club 28.  All exclusives come with Exclusive trading cards, don't forget to collect and keep those safe!  With almost 2000 different trading cards in release, TLS is silently creating a roster of very hard to find, and rare character cards.  Don't lose them!

      If you don't have a Box Lunch in your area, or surrounding areas, you can pick some of the TLS MHA exclusives online by clicking on this link - https://tinyurl.com/y5bpldn3

      More updates in the near future!  Including info on where to get Aggretsuko, Hot Wheels, Los Angeles Comic Con details – Man, we’re busy!

      My Hero Academia

      My Hero Academia

      My Hero Academia

      My Hero Academia

      My Hero Academia

      My Hero Academia