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      Battle Damage Thundercats Action Vinyls available at WALMART NOW!

      Battle Damage Thundercats Action Vinyls available at WALMART NOW!

      “You wanted the best, you got the best!  The hottest”…wait, this ain’t KISS, let’s start this over.   “You wanted the best, you got the best!  The hottest Collectible in the market!  The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls™ x Thundercats!”  Queue HUGE pyrotechnics, thrones of screaming fans, teenagers weeping, face melting guitar riffs and Lion-O blasting Mumm-Ra with the power of the Eye of Thundra Sword!  BOOM!  Minds officially blown!  This is how I feel when I see this Walmart Battle Damage Thundercats set – pure rock and roll jubilee, leaving with concert shirts, hours of air guitar with mom’s broom, and daydreaming in class swooning over those monstrous sounds coming from those speakers buzzing heatwaves into my heart!  It could be “Rock N’ Roll All Night” or “Thundercats!  Ho!”  Totally interchangeable for me!

      Alas, here we sit, Walmarts filling up with Thundercats Action Vinyls right before Christmas!  Man, did that work out!  Get in your time machine, roll up to your local Walmart, take the plunge and let’s skip hand in hand back to Capri Suns and lazy afternoons while we hypnotize ourselves to Space Humanoid-Cats fighting Ancient Mummies on far off planets, all in the name of Universal Peace and Order!  Thunder!  Thunder!  Thundercats!  Ho!  Who’s with me!

      This series is BOMB (that’s so 1995 of me).  But it is!  I guess I can’t shake the 90’s or the 80’s for that matter, nor can you!  That’s why we still say words like “Rad”, “Awesome” and we still get down with Thundercats!  This series have killer sculpts, tons of articulation, character accessories, collector cards, Club 28™ and more!  Better yet, this series is Battle Damaged, scarred, fought well for solar injustices, and scratched to Thundra and back!  Exclusive to Walmart!  Don’t sleep, for sure to disappear from shelves.  I’ll see you guys back on the couch with my bowl of Cap’n Crunch waiting for moms to pick us up for Little League practice!

      Happy Holidays and may this Christmas bring you joy like the ones from childhood!  We hope this series will do just that!





      SDDC Update and SDDC 2018 Renewal

      SDDC Update and SDDC 2018 Renewal

      Here's an update on the balance of the innaugural SDDC Goods - Skatedeck, Thundercats Lion-O + Snarf 2 pack, and Mega Man will start shipping from our facility Jan 5th.  The balance of Tees and Totes will be completed and shipped Late January.  Aliens (the last figure from the innaugural launch) will be delivered with the bulk shipment in March/April.  We've learned quite a bit this innaugural year for SDDC.  The goal is to make extremely limited products for our Members.  We are capped.  We will not add anymore memberships.  SDDC will always be a very insider TLS Club.  Although we've had some products fall behind on timing from the initial production plans, TLS keeps trucking to deliver these extremely limited goods to you, the SDDC Members.  We've learned a ton going into this second Season.  SDDC is not a money making operation for TLS, in fact, we are losing money, BUT we want our insider group to be Special.  This is a passion play and an ode to all those TLS Army faithfuls who have stood by us from Day 1.  We're happy to deliver SDDC to you guys, fueled by blood, sweat and passion from TLS.  Season 2 is special.  Here are some changes;  The pricing is rising a little more because we are losing money.  We're looking to recover simple costs in order to deliver high quality exclusives.  We are going to Consolidate shipments into 5-6 shipments total for the Season.  THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION - if you're expecting a monthly subscription SDDC is not that.  We are edging out the birthday gift (logistics are nearly impossible, but very proud of our Team for making this strange little ad-on work for most folks - I mean, what other Company do you know added "Birthday Gift" to a multi product offering?)  We are pulling tees and totes to just two of each (2 Tees, 2 Totes) - folks just aren't as excited about these items in relation to the Action Vinyls, so let's keep it real and give you guys what you want.  We're raising the price on Int'l shipping because we are literally taking a bath.  Just looking to recover costs for shipping.  The logsitics are too insane to have members trade and sell memberships - we will not honor that this Season.  Once you're locked, you're locked - NO RESELLING OR TRADING MEMBERSHIPS.  It is possible that an item can be subbed out --> Production logisitics are insane, even more insane when asking your suppliers to make micro runs when they are setup to and only want to make macro runs.  Our guys will do it but some times productions will get swapped with another production based on timing and retailer's needs....it is a possibility.  No Lay-Away this year.  We set that up for a couple guys last year and they ended up lighting us up on boards, etc.  No good deed goes unpunished.  The reality it's a logistics Sudoku - very difficult to track.  Black Friday Specials for Members only will be included.  We will make a single exclusive figure for SDDC SDCC 2018 that is ONLY available for purchase by SDDC Members.  Must show proof of membership to purchase.  We know your names!  This item will be available at a very special SDDC Price as well.  Pricing for Domestic SDDC Memberships = $225.00 + $100.00 for Shipping.  Pricing for Int'l Memberships = $225.00 + $200.00 for Shipping.  Membership renewals will be called on Jan 15th.  If you do not renew that slot will open up for another taker.  So without further ado, here is what's on the menu for Season 2 -

      ·      Predators

      ·      Splat

      ·      WWE

      ·      Game of Thrones

      ·      MOTU 2

      ·      One Punch Man

      ·      Ghostbusters

      ·      Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street)

      ·      Skatedeck

      ·      2 Totes

      ·      2 Tees

      ·      Special Black Friday Discount

      ·      Collector’s Poster

      Thundercats - Metallic Hot Topic Exclusive!

      Thundercats - Metallic Hot Topic Exclusive!

      Funny enough, all I hear in my head while writing this post is David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose” – ‘Are you ready for a new sensation!’  It’s probably because I have Thundercats mania too.  Literally.  I’m as excited as you to find Thundercats in the wild and dote lovingly and overbearing/boorishly like a grandma at Christmas who doesn’t know her own strength or bosom size.  Hey, it’s Christmas time; you know you have one of those Grannies.  Each time she comes in for a hug it’s like being smothered by a quilted volcano.  Did I say it’s Christmas time?  Yes, that’s right!  What is the best present in the world for folks that are into radical, super detailed, totally articulated, bada$$ collectibles?  Why, that would be none other than The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls Thundercats, and just in time for Christmas, Hot Topic’s Metallic Exclusive!!  Stockings will be stuffed and mania will ensue early Christmas morning, as your friends, family members, loved ones, or partners pour out Jolly Ole’ St. Nick’s sock of goodies right on to that shag carpet, and glistening like the North Star who steered the Wiseman will be none other than the blinding twinkle coming from the TLS AV Thunderats Metallic Hot Topic Exclusive!   Eyes will turn into Yo-Yo’s, spinning in pure joy!   What’s more fantastical than the beautiful metallic details?  How about adding Monkian to the mix!  He’s a barbarous barbarian of sorts with a pension for pain and Tomfoolery!  And this foolish baboon is exclusive to Hot Topic!  As in, you cannot find him anywhere else but the illustrious shelves of the almighty Hot Topic!  Forget the candy canes, the roasted nuts, last years dishtowels – save that sacred space in that beautiful and impractical sock for Thundercats Action Vinyls!  Be a hero this Christmas!  Don’t forget, this packout includes several accessories, collector cards, rare chase figures and the best dang 3” stylized Action Collectible in the market!  As Madonna once proclaimed while writhing up to a bowl of milk – ‘Don’t settle for second best Baby, put your love to the test’ – that's’ TLS Action Vinyls!  Get Woke!

      Happy Holidays!





      Mega Man Hot Topic Metallic Exclusive!

      Mega Man Hot Topic Metallic Exclusive!

      I was in 8th Grade in 1987.  Reagan was eating Jelly Beans and forgetting his words, Ollie North was up on Capitol Hill testifying/lying in front of Congress on all the backend arms deals and subsequent insurgence funding for coups d’états in Central America, “Welcome to the Jungle” was blasting out of everyone’s Walkmans, Tony Hawk took asymmetrical skater hair to zeitgeist levels, John Hughes couldn’t make a movie that sucked, T&C Surf Design dominated the backs of every teen and preteen rocking dayglo Zinka and a sweet pair of Oakley Blades, Magic Johnson won his 2nd NBA Championship and was about to go Back 2 Back the following year, and Mega Man made his first Nintendo Debut!  1987 was the business!  Here we (some of us) 30 years older but none the wiser; still geeked out over Nintendo, (some of us) still geeked out over the Lakers, most of us traded our Tony Hawk skater hair in for beards and grays, and many of us freaked out on the Mega Man 11 trailer and subsequent announcement for our beloved ‘Bustering’ friend with a pension to blast opponents powers right out of their skins!  Let’s be honest – Is there a better character design than this rounded domed futuristic bustering bandit?!  C L A S S I C ! ! !  Absolutely perfect character design.  He’s cute, he’s symmetrical, he’s feng shui and he’s dangerous!  The kid carries a cannon on his arm – that’s got to be dangerous! 

      The Loyal Subjects is bringing Buster Fire to the shelves of Hot Topic this Weekend and Next Week!  TLS x Mega Man x Action Vinyls gets its wings; a bunch of shiny, slick metallic bustering mayhem filled with heroes, villains, rivals, and the Hot Topic ONLY Exclusive Character, SKULL MAN!  The Skull Man design is hot!  No pun intended.  If you find yourself diddling away over re-runs of the Twilight Zone, doubled over in stomach pains because of Grandma’s Green Jello desert with floating bits of cottage cheese, or you’ve had enough of Bing Crosby and David Bowie launching into pitchy Christmas serenades, then Sneak Out of the House!  Go check out Hot Topic and be the first on the block to take this Epic Series home!  Take your sanity back!

      These guys have removable Busters, additional articulation at the elbow, insane sculpt details, insane deco details and Club 28!  The Club 28 items are the ONLY items that come with Mega Man’s usurpation of opposing nay-do-weller’s powers plus three interchangeable expressions!  How radical is that?!  Tony Hawk skater hair rad?  You Betcha!  Grab these Metallic Misfits while you have the chance!  Pose these suckers well my jedi brethren and sister’en.  And “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…”




      The Loyal Subjects at Toy Fair 2018!

      The Loyal Subjects at Toy Fair 2018!


      Poseable Action Vinyls™ Illuminate a Pathway Back to Play for Collectors!

      Los Angeles, Calif. – (February 16, 2018) – The Loyal Subjects™ (TLS) - a collectible toy company – is bringing its World Without Borders™ to the Big Apple during the upcoming annual North American International Toy Fair February 17-20. The company will preview its exciting 2018 product line-up in booth #6665, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

      Not all collectible figures are treated equal, unless they’re from TLS. The company creates collectible three and a quarter inch (3.25”) stylized Action Vinyls™ (AV), highly detailed, poseable figures that are like nothing else on the market. Action Vinyls lines feature fine-tuned elements, including 12 points of articulation – making them hyper-poseable – plus great sculpt and paint details. AV figures include accessories and collector cards, and many AV lines are packaged in a blind box format with rare chase figures, all for an approximate retail price of $12.99 each. Small figures that PLAY BIG!

      All this attention to detail with Action Vinyls styling enables deeper play experiences with dynamic interaction among figures from different lines.  In the TLS Universe it makes perfect sense for Skeletor™ to take on the Red Ranger™ or have Raphael™ (TMNT) battle Vegeta™ – it’s action figures in “Super Smash Bros” style!  Having a uniform size and style plus interchangeable accessories across AV lines makes the worlds blend seamlessly.

      “The uniqueness of our Action Vinyls is that there are no borders within the TLS Universe.  We give the controls back to the collector, so they’re in charge of their own story, their own army building/capture the flag campaign. The power of TLS Action Vinyls are the story telling capabilities inherent in a highly detailed, poseable collectible.  We provide that little spark to the collector’s imagination and watch that fire ignite when the collectors go knee deep into their stories. It’s magical!,” noted Jonathan Cathey, The Loyal Subjects Founder/CEO and President. “We are driven by consumer passion. We hear time-and-time again that The Loyal Subjects collectibles are drivers for a more enhanced, fulfilled customer experience.  It’s like the “Indian in the Cupboard” – our figures spring to life! Collectors become their own screenwriters, producers, actors, and directors of their own show and that’s really powerful!”

      The Loyal Subjects is an emerging brand that is thriving at big box retailers, such as Walmart and Target, and is also formidable on specialty store shelves, including Hot Topic, GameStop, and Toys“R”Us.  The company has sold more than 2MM Action Vinyls collectible figures since its first AV release in 2012. TLS has enjoyed rapid expansion over the past couple of years as it moved to the “main stage,” propelled by a growing base of passionate collectors who are known to drive hundreds of miles to visit many stores in order to load up on TLS AV figures.

      The 2018 Action Vinyls product line-up from The Loyal Subjects include:
      • Mega Man: Available now at mass market and specialty retail locations
      • ThunderCats: Available now at mass market and specialty retail locations
      • Horror: featuring characters from It, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and The Exorcist: Available May 2018
      • Aliens: Available May 2018
      • Predator 2: Available June 2018
      • WWE: Available June 2018
      • Game of Thrones: Available July 2018
      • Gudetama: Available July 2018
      • Nickelodeon ‘90s Splat!: Available July 2018
      • Ghostbusters: Available September 2018
      • One Punch Man: Available November 2018
      • Naruto: Available November 2018
      TLS pays homage to the collector base by offering branded scarcity items and “Easter eggs.” Club 28™ is a very limited edition of 28 figures included in an AV line!  Aftermarket values on a single Club 28 figure can swell into thousands of dollars. These scarce products are stamped with a "28" to commemorate the edition.  Additionally, in its retailer-exclusive editions of each AV line, the company produces a single Gold figure stamped with the retailer name (i.e. Walmart’s Gold figure has a "WM" stamp, Hot Topic "HT", Toys”R”Us "TRU", Target "TG"). These figures are a collector’s “Holy Grail,” with some Gold figures trading between collectors for upwards of $5,000.

      For more press information please visit: http://toyfair.vporoom.com/TheLoyalSubjects

      All trademarks mentioned are the properties of their respective owners.


      About The Loyal Subjects
      Born in 2009, The Loyal Subjects™ (TLS) has infused collectible toys with the art, quality, nuances, details and value its loyal fan base of collectors expect. Best known for its Action Vinyls™, a proprietary form of collectible figures, The Loyal Subjects creates unique products based on licensed properties from partners including Capcom, DreamWorks, Fox, Funimation, Hasbro, HBO, Nickelodeon, Saban Brands, Sanrio, Warner Bros, and WWE. For more information on The Loyal Subjects please visit https://www.theloyalsubjects.com/.

      TLS’ mission? “Building rich experiences for collectors through dynamic products that stay true to a creative spirit.”  In the licensed collectibles world, TLS collectors have adopted play where they were only being offered display.

      Media Contact:
      Don Williams
      The Frame Shop Public Relations
      (760) 707-4589