Product Information

TMNT CheeBees SDCC 2023 Turtles 4-pack“CheeBee” is a branded NEW format from TLS! A literalization of the word chibi, meaning big head/little body. CheeBee is a nod to some of TLS’ earliest products with particular design and aesthetics, focused on the creation of unique, fun, and vibrant collectible figurines. TMNT is the perfect canvas to mix up the proportions, and reimagine the 4 heroes as pint-size lay-wasters to all things evil, but…CUTE! Each figure stands approx. 3” tall, is posed in a dynamic pose, including each character’s signature weapons, and all 4 heroes are included in this unique collector’s pack which boasts a “work-of-art” like box with a garage door flap and velcro cinches. Designed especially for this summer’s mother of all comic book conventions, special care was taken to make sure this pack has a place amongst the best collectors’ collections! Also included are 4 unique collector cards, and a dynamic insert. Limited quantities will be available at booth #2544, first come first serve. · Ages 8+· Limited to 1000 pieces