Product Information

  Playful, kind, and adventurous, Aang always helps those in need. When conflict arises, he would rather resolve it peacefully. Strongly attuned to nature, Aang respects all beings, whether they’re human, animal, or spirit. When he’s overwhelmed, Aang meditates to calm his mind and find balance within himself. Being an Avatar, Aang quickly finds out that he is a bridge to the spirit world and flows between the two worlds when needed to save his friends and heal his ancestors. This San Diego Comic Con exclusive for Diamond Comics is Aang in his spirit form in a beautiful translucent treatment that is really a must see! Limited to 3300 pieces. Each figure also includes a beautifully designed signature TLS collectors card. Product Description: 1:15 scale with 31 pts or articulation including butterfly joints at the shoulder, bicep swivel, upper thigh swivel, and great rotating ball joints for maximum posing. Packaged in a unique window box with a great insert that doubles as a diorama. Also included is one additional head portrait with alternative expression, two additional sets of hand gestures, and Aangs glider. A must have for the Anime enthusiasts! Multiple Hand Gestures!  Recreate your favorite moments and adventures! Signature Accessories plus a Hidden Sticker! 31 pts of Articulation!  Killer Poseability! Beautiful 3-sided Window Box! Great for the in-box, and out-of-box Collectors! Signature TLS collectors card.