Product Information

Casey Jones, aka Arnold Bernid “Casey” Jones is a fearless, aggressive, and “not-to-be-messed-with” NYC vigilante who’s quick to the fight.  Armed with a golf bag filled with sporting goods (baseball bat, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and whatever-he-can-get-his-hands-on), Casey Jones takes on the worst of the Big Apple with reckless abandon.  Disguised with a hockey mask, and outfitted in casual gym clothes Casey lays waste to those who rub him the wrong way.  Linked to April O’Neill as a person of romantic interest, and to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a fellow crime fighter cleaning up the streets. Product description: 1:15th scale, 31 points of articulation; including a bicep swivel, double knee joint, double elbow joint, butterfly joints at the shoulder, ball joint at the ankle, upper thigh swivel, ball posts at the hips, waist swivel, an ab crunch, swivel and flex at the wrist, and a ball and post neck joint.  Includes; multiple accessories – a golf bag, a golf club, a Goalie’s hockey stick, a hockey stick, multiple interchangeable hand gestures and 2 head portraits one with the skull deco face paint bringing a nod to late 80’s Casey Jones toys and an incredibly cool interchangeable face mask head portrait. Packaged in a unique collector’s box with a dioramic insert.  Crisp paint, and clean sculpt details.  Maximum poseability.  Collectors’ Choice of Brands!