Product Information

Jet leads a group of young Earth Kingdom refugees who call themselves the Freedom Fighters.  Jet lost his parents to the First Nations war crimes, and has become a skilled combatant with a hook sword.  His boldness and charisma are magnetic, but his obsession with revenge has deeply unbalanced him.   Product Description: 1:15 scale with 31 pts or articulation including butterfly joints at the shoulder, bicep swivel, upper thigh swivel, and great rotating ball joints for maximum posing. Packaged in a unique window box with a great insert that doubles as a diorama. Also included is one additional head portrait with an alternate expression, three additional sets of hand gestures,  and two sets of hook swords. A must have for the Anime enthusiast! Multiple Hand Gestures!  Recreate your favorite moments and adventures! Signature Accessories plus a Hidden Sticker! 31 pts of Articulation!  Killer Poseability! Beautiful 3-sided Window Box! Great for the in-box, and out-of-box Collectors!